Their Finest Movie New Trailers Quotes & Trivia

Their Finest Movie Best Quotes from Trailer:

Get all Quotes from Trailers of Their Finest movie that is releasing in 2017. Check below for best quotes and dialogues of the movie here:

  • Roger Swain: Welcome to the Ministry of Information Film Division. Mr. Buckley seems to think you’re what we need.
  • Catrin Cole: I thought it was a secretarial post.
    Phyl Moore: Oh, for God’s sake keep that to yourself.
  • Tom Buckley: So what do you think? No screen credit.
  • Ambrose Hilliard: Uncle Frank. Sixties, looks older.
    Sammy Smith: Well we all have our part to play at defeating Hitler.
  • Catrin Cole: Hello
    Ambrose Hilliard: Oh, certainly.
  • Tom Buckley: Your work’s good, very good.
  • Catrin Cole: I’m sorry, I can’t do this anymore.
  • Catrin Cole: Girls like us, we serve all those people who gave their sons to one war and now their grandsons to another.
  • Ambrose Hilliard: Have you seen it, our film? I’m awfully good. So are you.
  • Ambrose Hilliard: Mrs. Cole, uh, where is she?

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